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Jamie Dornan, BHTS ASOS Photoshoot.

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we are young (we are the dream) (1/?)


summary: he was a fratboy, she was a sorority girl. can I make it anymore obvious?

notes: when au week happened, i thought about how cool a greek/cs mashup would be and after screaming with friends about it and the news of scott michael foster aka cappie had joined the ouat cast, voilà. to those familiar with the show, there are some things you’ll recognize (as in, campus and houses names because i didn’t feel like changing them) - but then the story goes its own way :)

a special mention to sandy, who i scream with about greek almost every day and it’s not at all embarrassing okay. 

rating: T

word count: 8,000


Holy freaking hell, she was so gonna murder somebody that night if they spilt something over her shirt. She should have known better, after all - it was the week before the semester got started, which meant no classes to attend yet and days filled with last shopping sprees, night parties at the dorms and house hunting trips after discovering your assigned roommate was more resembling to an axe murderer that you were used to.

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natalie dormer plays the game of groans. (x)

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batman: come over

me: i’m busy

batman: my parents aren’t home



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[5/5] favorite actresses  jennifer morrison

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where will you go running when the grounds end?


part 4/5 of come together. find it on and ao3!

After the disastrous phone call, he doesn’t see Emma for a week.

He doesn’t see much of anyone for a week, as he’s holed up in his apartment evading both his brother’s attempt at condolence and impatient calls from his work that eventually end in voicemails conceding they see he needed his space to grieve. Liam later adopts a similar stance, leaving Killian alone to furiously and mechanically type at all hours of the day.

His brother says he thinks it’s healthy for Killian to work out his grief, but after retyping the eighth rendition of what he’s sure is a scathing and damning post to prove Gold for the devil he was once and for all he isn’t so sure. It’s never right; the structure is scattered and his grammar would make his instructors ashamed of him. So he rewrites it over and over again in hopes of it eventually transforming into something that would get justice for the man who was raped and murdered thanks to power-hungry, psychopathic, blood-thirsty vultures.

Killian finally leaves draft number 28 to attend Graham’s funeral.

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I don’t think you understand how much I care for these two


I don’t think you understand how much I care for these two

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get to know me meme | 5 actresses: natalie dormer [2/5]

I think the beauty of the writing of Game of Thrones is not that the characters are fearless; It’s how they overcome their fear.

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